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                                    文章導讀:今天給各位留學生帶來一篇純原創 Paper代寫 市場范文,講的是克萊奧克特荒野度假村項目,希望這篇可以幫助到各位留學生,同時需要代寫也可以直接聯系我們的客服進行咨詢。 Pape...



                                      Industry Analysis

                                      Market Characteristics

                                      Located in the west coast of Vancouver Island,British Columbia,Clayoquot wilderness resort provides niche,high-end luxury wild camp experience.Founded in 1995 by Richard Genovese,the Clayoquot developed pretty rapid,it was recognized by the UNESCO,which later designated it as the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve in 2000.As stated on the official website,“a luxury tented safari on the edge of the world,in the heart of the glorious wild”,the resort target high income population,aiming at offering luxury,close-to-nature adventure/experience at a comparatively remote area,and to have fun in a comfort,sustenance,and transformative manner(Clayoquot wilderness resort).

                                      Clayoquot荒野度假村位于不列顛哥倫比亞省溫哥華島西海岸,提供利基高端豪華野營體驗。1995年由理查德·吉諾維斯(Richard Genovese)創建,克萊奧古特發展迅速,被聯合國教科文組織(UNESCO)認可,并于2000年被指定為克萊奧古特灣生物圈保護區。正如官方網站“世界邊緣、美麗荒野中心的豪華帳篷狩獵”所述,該度假村以高收入人群為目標,旨在在相對偏遠的地區提供豪華、接近自然的探險/體驗,并以舒適、維持和變革的方式享受樂趣(克萊奧古特荒野度假村)。

                                      Services provided in the resort are high-end targeted,combining luxury enjoyment,wilderness life experience,environment protection practice and education.The resort has lunched four service categories,including accommodation,adventure,Spa,and cuisine.There are ensuite tents,lounge tents,cookhouse,Ivanhoe Glass Lounge available at Clayoquot,all are of five star luxury,but there are merely 25 tents in total.Located in the UNESCO designated reserve,the wild and glorious environment here offers great opportunities for people to take adventure here,whether to go equestrian adventure,or marine based,or land-based,or heli-ventures,or restorative adventures.Spa and cuisine are also attractive points of Clayoquot.

                                      Trends and Drivers

                                      As modern society has usually isolated people from nature,with the improvement of individual’s income and life standards,there are growing individuals interested in wilderness camp,hoping to relief themselves through a close interaction with the nature.

                                      The competitive advantages of Clayoquot are the unique landscape,the distinctive activities,and its high reputation.The UNSCO-designated reserve also brings Clayoquot more attractiveness to customers.The unique landscape and high-end services stand Clayoquot out from other camp destinations,where people hardly can find so inspiring and unique landscape,or they cannot enjoy good services.As few outdoor camps provide real adventures,the Clayoquot wilderness resort satisfies its customers.

                                      Legal,Political,and Economic Factors

                                      Before the operation of Calyoquot wilderness resort,Tofino,where Calyoquot built in,was a fishing village with relatively low economic level;local people earn their life through fishing and forestry.After the entry of Calyoquot Sound,the predecessor of the Calyoquot wilderness resort,local economy has changed quite a few.

                                      Although the Calyoquot Sound also intended to develop a resource-based economy,unlike previous livelihood patterns,it values natural beauty and delicate eco-system,opposing logging and ruthless natural resources depletion.At the beginning of the 1999,the local forestry giant MacMillan Bloedel announced to exit local logging activities,largely due to Calyoquot Sound’s effort.At present,the resort contributes a lot to the local economy,as it provided many work opportunities for local men and women.

                                      In 2000,Clayoquot Sound was recognized by the UNSCO,which designated a Biosphere Reserve Area for it.This provided Clayoquot with international fame and supports,and made it be noticed by experienced naturalists and biologists.

                                      Sociocultural Factors

                                      As one of the most luxury wilderness resorts,Clayoquot has been embracing its intrinsic value of green and back to real nature.Its commitment to educate guests and deliver their values through mass media also higher its reputation.As environmental protection has been a severe problem in recent years,hence,Clayoquot’s values are easy to earn supports from all social cycles.

                                      Technological Factors

                                      Clayoquot is competitive when concerning technological factors.The resort has advanced technology to support its high service quality,as well as to manage a environmental friendly economic model.

                                      In order to recycling wastes produced in the resort,it incorporates a 10,000 bio-wheel energy efficient waste treatment facility to deal with all waste,including waste from storm,wastewater,domestic waste,and other waste.The machine has the capacity to process organic waste into highly viable compost in thirty days.The resort also introduced microorganisms to reduce and decompose the possible pollute so as to guarantee clean,pure,and portable water resources.On the other hand,a steel-enclosed recycling system is employed to transport non-recyclable waste to Westcoast Recycling.Moreover,the resort is powered mainly by a green energy-generator,and the lighting devices are mostly low-draw lights like LED plus old-fashioned candles.Besides the energy system,a 45-foot deep well is utilized to support the water demand of the resort.

                                      Current Customer Analysis

                                      Segmentation Analysis

                                      Lasting from the mid-May to the end of September,Clayoquot wilderness provides services for both individual travelers and family groups.The resort currently provides three,four,and seven night packages;very often people would choose the package routine.Four different price levels—-$1600,$1800,$2000,and$2200 per night——are provided according to the different types of tents travelers choose.Family groups usually can save$500 to$1000 per night comparing with individual campers.

                                      Target Market

                                      Clayoquot wilderness resort provides seasonal services for travelers from all over the world,and most of them have relatively high income.The market mainly targets people in their middle ages as well as youth who come with their parents.

                                      The limited tents provided make it impossible for the resort to be a common travel site.On the other hand,it is the niche acceptance that guarantees the beauty and pure of the resort.Otherwise,massive campers will bring tremendous pressures on the purification system of the resort.

                                      Forecasted Changes

                                      With the development of technology,the purification facility and energy generating capacity would also upgrade,the resort therefore has more capabilities to treat a little bit more campers.The price might not decline,as it has to make profits and maintain its high-end reputation.Categories and number of adventures and education-related activities are likely to be more than present,as the environmental issue will last for a long time,and people would concern more about environmental protection and relevant knowledge.



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